Student Organization of North America (SONA)
7th Conference

The Student Organization of North America (SONA) was inaugurated in 1999 as the North American Student Forum for undergraduate and graduate students. It serves as a framework for student-led cooperation across national boundaries.

SONA fosters student awareness and personal involvement in North American regional collaboration. We are a student community promoting cross-cultural relations, respect and understanding across Canada, the United States and Mexico. We are a non-governmental, politically independent and non-profit organization open to students - graduate and undergraduate - from all academic programs.

Students administer and run all SONA activities, including their conference. For information about the Seventh SONA conference which will be held in conjunction with CONAHEC's Twelfth North American Higher Education Conference, please visit the SONA conference website at:

Correspondence about the SONA conference can be directed to:

Marianna Velázquez
Conference Organizer
Student Organization of North America (SONA)
Telephone: (520) 626-0120
Fax: (520) 626-2675