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Conference Description

10th North American Higher Education Conference
October 12-15, 2005
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Beyond Boundaries:
Building Bridges of Collaboration in Higher Education

Join leaders and practitioners of higher education, business, government and students in San Juan, Puerto Rico for CONAHEC’s 10th North American Higher Education Conference!

North Americans share many historical, cultural, and linguistic bonds. With the signing of NAFTA in 1994, our countries have become inextricably linked by growing economic ties. Leaders in North America recognize that regional prosperity and the prosperity of our individual communities depends largely on the global competencies of our future professionals -- today's students. Government and education leaders acknowledge that higher education institutions in North America must take a more aggressive role in offering students opportunities to gain international expertise.

Puerto Rico is a vibrant multi-cultural society strategically positioned as a gateway between North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Convening in Puerto Rico will provide a unique opportunity for representatives of the region to have a glimpse of issues and partnerships not only in North America but also with Caribbean and other Latin American institutions. In many ways, Puerto Rico offers insights into best practices of North American relations, and provides an ideal location for discussions into what the future of international and regional higher education might be.

Together, we will revitalize the collaborative agenda in North American higher education in the new political, economic and educational context in which we live today, at the beginning of the second decade of the NAFTA. We will focus on:

  1. Further improving mechanisms to promote quality assurance and mutual recognition of courses and degrees
  2. Identifying current challenges and opportunities in North American higher education
  3. Sharing best practices in efforts to internationalize institutions and their curricula
  4. Comparing the experiences in developing, implementing and promoting student exchange programs in other regions
  5. Discussing mechanisms to promote the certification of skills in the professional and technical fields
  6. Fostering a more active participation of institutions, governments and the business sector in international education and collaboration

Concurrent sessions will showcase strategies and best practices in areas such as:

  • Promoting and strengthening North American studies across the continent and beyond
  • Student and faculty mobility
  • Professional mobility and market needs
  • Higher education and economic development
  • Providing international experience to those who can’t leave their home country

Conference highlights will include:

  • Overviews by top-level officials representing higher education, government and business of key issues confronting North America in this decade
  • Working group sessions
  • Structured networking exercises to meet partners for collaborative projects with key institutional representatives from North America
  • A gala awards dinner honoring individuals who have contributed to higher education collaboration in North America
  • Joint sessions with the Student Organization of North America (SONA).

The 10th North American Higher Education Conference is organized by the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration. CONAHEC is a trinational consortium linking higher education institutions in North America.

Our co-conveners are:

CONAHEC is fortunate to benefit from the assistance of one of the finest institutions located in Puerto Rico. Our host for this exciting event is the

Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico.

CONAHEC sincerely thanks our sponsor organizations for their generous support of this North American Higher Education Conference.

Educational Organizations sponsoring/supporting the conference:
Private Sector Sponsors:

If you would like to find out about how to become a conference sponsor, please visit our Conference Sponsorship page.

Display of Literature

A publications table will be available for participants to display a reasonable number of promotional brochures relevant to the conference. Space is limited. You may send your brochures to yourself at the hotel prior to the conference.