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Viernes, Oct. 19, 2018

Beneath the hoods of millions of the clean electric cars rolling onto the world’s roads in the next few years will be a dirty battery.

Every major carmaker has plans for electric vehicles to cut greenhouse gas emissions, yet their manufacturers are, by and large, making lithium-ion batteries in places with some of the most polluting grids in the world.

Lunes, Oct. 15, 2018

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, has released the Summary for Policymakers of the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Diana Liverman, a University of Arizona Regents’ Professor in the School of Geography and Development in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, is one of the authors of the overall report and of the Summary for Policymakers.

Lunes, Oct. 15, 2018

Insects around the world are in a crisis, according to a small but growing number of long-term studies showing dramatic declines in invertebrate populations. A new report suggests that the problem is more widespread than scientists realized. Huge numbers of bugs have been lost in a pristine national forest in Puerto Rico, the study found, and the forest’s insect-eating animals have gone missing, too.

Miércoles, Oct. 10, 2018

Now that the bad news has dropped, what is the world going to do?

A report issued Sunday by 91 scientists painted a stark portrait of how quickly the planet is heating up and how serious the consequences are. In response, the United Nations secretary general, António Guterres, warned world leaders, “Do what science demands before it is too late.”

Martes, Oct. 09, 2018

Governments around the world must take "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society" to avoid disastrous levels of global warming, says a stark new report from the global scientific authority on climate change.

Miércoles, Sep. 19, 2018

Organizer: International Association of Universities
Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Miércoles, Sep. 12, 2018

Hurricane Florence is approaching the Atlantic Coast, and officials are scrambling to keep people safe and avoid loss of life. In North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, coastal residents have been told to seek safer ground away from flooding; in several counties, the evacuations are mandatory. Officials expect more than a million people to heed their warnings and leave their homes before the storm makes landfall Thursday.

Miércoles, Sep. 12, 2018

Vanessa Solivan and her three children fled their last place in June 2015, after a young man was shot and killed around the corner. They found a floor to sleep on in Vanessa’s parents’ home on North Clinton Avenue in East Trenton. It wasn’t a safer neighborhood, but it was a known one. Vanessa took only what she could cram into her station wagon, a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica, letting the bed bugs have the rest.

Lunes, Ago. 27, 2018

La mayoría de venezolanos están en Colombia, EE.UU. y España, pero Perú ha visto como desde 2015 el flujo migratorio de venezolanos se multiplicó por 150.

Venezuela ha visto un éxodo masivo de su población que huye de la pobreza, la hiperinflación, la falta de servicios públicos y la escasez de artículos de primera necesidad.

La AFP busca develar aquí cómo se llegó a esta situación y su impacto no solo en Venezuela sino en toda Sudamérica.

¿Cuán grande es la migración venezolana?

Lunes, Ago. 27, 2018

As college students head back to school, campus administrators are anxiously making their final count of international students enrolled for the fall semester.

Visa numbers and college officials suggest that fewer international students have enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities over the past few years. And with the pool of college-age students shrinking due to demographic trends and state support for higher education sputtering, public colleges and universities that lose overseas students can find themselves in financial trouble.