UT BIS, a Look into the Model of Bilingual International and Sustainable Technological Universities

Elva Patricia Saracho, Luis Felipe Alvarez & Jesus Roman
Year of Publication: 

Providing insight into a groundbreaking modality of public education in Mexico that is entirely bilingual and international offered by Technological Universities operating in different states of the country, this vanguard model of higher education in Mexico is unique in Latin America and operates under an English-Spanish pedagogical scheme. Courses at these institutions are offered mostly in English by qualified and certified teaching staff. This presentation will introduce the history of this groundbreaking concept. Strategies followed to make these technological university students truly bilingual and with an international vision will be explained. Details of faculty and student mobility agreements signed with other educational institutes abroad to support, encourage and enhance the international nature of these institutions will be discussed. This presentation is intended for faculty and staff members as well as senior college administrators, government agencies and association representatives or others from similar institutions.