Transnationalization of Educational Services: A Canadian Perspective

Jon Baggaley & Patrick Fahy, Athabasca Univ.
CONAHEC conference proceedings
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Increasingly throughout the world, the delivery of programs across borders is becoming a more common phenomenon and has begun to broaden access to internationally generated higher education. These endeavors typically involve single institutions, spin-offs, partnerships, joint venture operations, and other forms of collaboration. While the presence and use of technology for the delivery of programs has been a key factor in this growth, many instances are still based on a face-to-face mode of delivery or a combination thereof. This panel presented cases involving different institutions in the delivery of educational services in particular throughout the Americas and Europe. The impact of GATS on transnational educational services was also be explored.

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8e Colloque nord-américain sur l'enseignement supérieure du CONAHEC - Calgary 2002
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Join leaders and practitioners of higher education, business, government and students in Calgary, Canada for the VIII North American Higher Education Conference. Conference participants will work together to shape the collaborative agenda in North American higher education. We will review the outcomes of past efforts since "Wingspread", the first trinational education gathering in 1992. We will then develop strategies to meet the challenges we must overcome in the next decade.