Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain): Good Practices on Internationalization and Its Social Responsabilities

Sánchez Ruiz, Luis Manuel
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In 2005, the Strategic Planning Committee of Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) approved the declaration of its mission and the constitutive elements of its vision. The focus is on the people and the professionals we train as well as the relationship with our surrounding society. UPV works on providing its students with an integral education through the creation, development, transfer and critical reflection on science, art and culture, whilst being respectful of ethical principles. This presentation covers the organizational structure developed at UPV to facilitate its contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of the Valencian society through scientific, technical and artistic support, and to develop an institutional model characterized by its values of excellence, internationalization, solidarity and efficiency. UPV is an open institution which promotes the participation of institutions, companies and professionals in every aspect of university life. This session outlines how this is accomplished

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XIV Conferencia de Educación Superior en América del Norte del CONAHEC - Puebla 2011
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Colaboración Internacional en la Educación Superior: Encauzando Nuestras Sociedades en una Era de Transformación.