Strengthing the Social Dialogue in the Transborder Region: Challenges and Opportunities for Academic Collaboration with Social Impact

Rodríguez Gutiérrez, Guadalupe & Yessica Lara Soto
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The experience of the First Bi-national Colloquium on Transborder Human Development Issues in the Arizona-Sonora Border Region created a unique space which facilitated collaboration among academics and representatives of the public and privat sectors of both states. The creation of interinstitutional linkages among universities, government agencies, community based organizations and the private sector has the sole purpose of encouraging social dialogue focused on critically reflecting on the issues surrounding human development in the region. This dialogue will contribute to the development of policies which will improve the quality of life for border residents and strengthen the economomic competitivity of the region. The value added to the research of the Colloquium lies in the development of a space in which researchers, officials and other social actors can collaborate to identify and implement solutions to regional problems.

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XIV Conferencia de Educación Superior en América del Norte del CONAHEC - Puebla 2011
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Colaboración Internacional en la Educación Superior: Encauzando Nuestras Sociedades en una Era de Transformación.