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Founded in 1986, the Border Trade Alliance (BTA) is a grassroots, non-profit organization that serves as a forum for participants to address key issues affecting trade and economic development in North America. Working with entities in Canada, Mexico and the United States, the BTA advocates on behalf of policies and initiatives designed to improve border affairs and trade relations among the three nations.

A network of public and private sector representatives, the BTA includes business leaders, chambers of commerce and industry, academic institutions, economic development corporations, industrial parks, transport companies, customs brokers, manufacturers, and federal, state, and local government officials and agencies.

The BTA provides border communities – north and south – a voice before our NAFTA governments. Whether we’re meeting with a Member of Congress, hosting an international conference or providing congressional testimony, our organization is representing the interests of those who live and work along the U.S-Canada and U.S.-Mexico borders, as well as the trade communities of all three nations.

Key Personnel

Name/Nom/Nombre Email Institutional Role Departmenttrier par ordre décroissant Pays
Contreras, Sergio sergio@rgvpartn... President -- United States
O'Connell, Maria Luisa Primary Contact Office of the President United States