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The creation of MingDao University’s vision and self-positioning was based on the need to integrate the following three things: the mid- to long-term development plan to re-coordinate administrative organs, the University’s demonstrated achievements thus far, and the objective external trends and challenges facing the University. MingDao University’s earlier strategy was to be a stand-alone college, founded as the MingDao College of Management in 2001, and the initial college-type was to be an instructional institute. In 2007, the MingDao College of Management was upgraded to the status of comprehensive university by the Ministry of Education, and renamedMingDao University. With the new name came a new plan to be an instructional and integrated research-oriented institute. In 2010, in response to the threat of climate change to food, water, and energy security, green, organic, and healthy became the new motto. In 2014, due to the dramatic decrease of birthrates in Taiwan over the previous generation, an issue that will strongly impact college enrollment and create new social issues, a shift in vision for higher education was needed. While continuing our current projects and building on existing achievements based on the visions of earlier phases, the new administration, taking international trends, technological advancement, and societal needs into consideration, has cast a bold vision for a new direction. Thus, in order to become a first-tier institute of higher education, our new goal for MingDao University is to promote instructional excellence, diversity and internationalization, and corporate projects.

Key Personnel

Name/Nom/Nombretrier par ordre décroissant Email Institutional Role Department Pays
Chang, Karen karenchang@mdu.... Primary Contact MDU Liason Office in Americas Taiwan
Kuo, Chu-Hsun President Taiwan
Nigel, Nai-Chien Shih Director of International Programs Office of International Affairs Taiwan