Internationalizing Institutions Through Information Technology

Johnstone, Sally
Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications
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Presentations made by Sally Johnstone who is Executive Director of the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications (WCET) at the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, USA

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CONAHEC's 9th North American Higher Education Conference - Guadalajara 2004
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Join leaders and practitioners of higher education, business, government and students in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico for CONAHEC’s 9th North American Higher Education Conference!Canada, Mexico and the United States share many historical, cultural, and linguistic bonds. With the signing of NAFTA in 1994, our countries have become inextricably linked by growing economic ties. Leaders in North America recognize that regional prosperity and the prosperity of our individual communities depends largely on the global competencies of our future professionals -- today's students. Government and education leaders acknowledge that higher education institutions in North America must take a more aggressive role in offering students opportunities to gain international expertise.Together, we will make concrete plans to revitalize the collaborative agenda in North American higher education.