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Vendredi, déc. 21, 2018

Chinese international students actively contribute to the United States’ economy and society. Yet U.S. President Donald J. Trump has proclaimed Chinese international students “spies,” and, in early December, the White House announced that it was considering expanding the vetting process of Chinese students applying for visas. Particularly in the wake of the June 2018 State Department decision to restrict visasfor Chinese graduate students in sensitive research fields, many Chinese students now fear that their visas will be denied and they will be unable to continue their research.

Vendredi, déc. 21, 2018

The Government is almost doubling a tax on international student fees for private tertiary providers, but has signalled that the tax could be tied to the quality of education in future.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced the change to the export education levy this morning.

For Private Training Establishments (PTEs), it will increase from 0.45 per cent to 0.89 per cent of international student tuition fees. For universities, polytechnics and institutes of technology, the rates will go from 0.45 per cent to 0.5 per cent.

Vendredi, déc. 21, 2018

Dalhousie’s Indigenous Student Centre recently relocated to a prominent place on the university’s downtown Halifax campus. Residing in a cheery blue house, shared by the Black Student Advising Centre, there’s a student lounge, computer lab and meeting/smudge room. On hand is an Indigenous student adviser to answer questions, serve as a sounding board and curate regular events, like a monthly communal meal that often includes traditional ingredients like moose meat.

Jeudi, déc. 20, 2018

Myesha Pugh fled the apartment complex where she spent the first 30 years of her life after an insect wormed into her grandmother’s ear in the middle of the night. “My dad took her to the hospital, and the hospital retrieved a live cockroach,” she recounts with disgust.

Conditions at the multi-family complex in the heart of Miami’s Overtown neighborhood, where rents hovered around $500 a month, quickly deteriorated after the original owner died and left it to her children. “I personally think they’re waiting for the city to condemn the building,” says Pugh. 

Mercredi, déc. 12, 2018

The Arctic is experiencing a multi-year stretch of unparalleled warmth "that is unlike any period on record," according to the 2018 Arctic Report Card, a peer-reviewed report released Tuesday morning from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, an agency within the United States Department of Commerce.

Mercredi, déc. 12, 2018

President Trump’s top White House adviser on energy and climate stood before the crowd of some 200 people on Monday and tried to burnish the image of coal, the fossil fuel that powered the industrial revolution — and is now a major culprit behind the climate crisis world leaders are meeting here to address. 

“We strongly believe that no country should have to sacrifice economic prosperity or energy security in pursuit of environmental sustainability,” said Wells Griffith, Trump’s adviser.

Mercredi, déc. 12, 2018

A sobering new piece in the journal Nature finds that October's dire UN science report about the ongoing and future effects of climate change may have actually underestimated the pace of global warming.

Why it matters: The new analysis, if borne out, widens what's already a huge gulf between the expected human and ecological toll from high levels and rapid rates of warming and the failure of governments worldwide to bring about the steep carbon emissions cuts that could prevent runaway temperature increases.

Lundi, déc. 10, 2018

Extreme weather events that spanned the globe in 2017 have been directly linked to -- and in some cases were even caused by -- continued warming of the planet via human influence through greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report.

Lundi, déc. 10, 2018

For the past 50 million years, the Earth has been gradually cooling. But scientists fear manmade global warming may reverse this trend in just 200 years. 

The authors of a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Scienceswarned that if greenhouse gases continued to be pumped into the Earth’s atmosphere at the current rates, the planet's climate would be comparable to that of the mid-Pliocene era of 3 million years ago by 2030. And by 2150 it would go back to the climate of the Eocene period, 50 million years ago.

Jeudi, déc. 06, 2018

Global emissions of carbon dioxide are reaching the highest levels on record, scientists projected Wednesday, in the latest evidence of the chasm between international goals for combating climate change and what countries are doing.

Between 2014 and 2016, emissions remained largely flat, leading to hopes that the world was beginning to turn a corner. Those hopes appear to have been dashed. In 2017, global emissions grew 1.6 percent. The rise in 2018 is projected to be 2.7 percent.