International Student Mobility: UAM- Unidad Azcapotzalco’s Experience

Romualdo López & Eduardo de la Garza
Year of Publication: 

Student mobility at higher education institutions has acquired increasing importance in recent years, primarily because of:  1) the opportunity that it holds, through the recognition and mutual support between student and institution, to promote equity, the development of critical thinking and the strengthening of the capacity to adapt to contribute to the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the communities, 2) its procurement of the national and international dimension of knowledge, and formation of professionals and researchers with a wide vision of the world and a better capacity to adapt to change and 3)  how it teaches the student to manage his/her life, facing difficulties and overcoming challenges.  It is profound preparation for life.  The goal of this presentation is to share the experience of the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico - Unidad Azcapotzalco in terms of student mobility within the processes of internationalization of higher education, the expansion of academic and scientific networks, regional integration and educational cooperation.