Focusing on the Student Experience: Strategic Enrollment Management in Online Education

Hepburn, Gary
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Just over three years ago, the University of the West Indies created to the Open Campus. The new Campus took on responsibility for many of the existing distance education functions of the University’s three physical campuses as well as a mandate to lead in the development of online education for the University. The distance and online offerrings of the University were already international as they were offered to 15 countries in the Caribbean region. Developments would need to take into account both the existing international context and the desire for greater international extension. This discussion will focus on several aspects of strategic enrolment management in online education with central consideration being given to the student experience and the strategic deployment of information and communication technology. Factors to be discussed include knowing your students, creating a new educational relationship, service provision, and facilitating collaboration between UWI campuses and other institutions. Examples will be provided of how these factors are being addressed in the creation of the Open Campus.

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CONAHEC's 14th North American Higher Education Conference - Puebla 2011
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International Higher Education Collaboration: Empowering Societies in an Era of Transformation.