Labor and Professional Mobility in the NAFTA Region

Bradly Condon, ITAM
CONAHEC conference proceedings
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To address the annual flow of some 300,000 undocumented workers to the U.S., Mexico and the U.S. are discussing reforms to current programs governing migrant labor. This presentation will examine demographic trends, the experience of the European Union, and the NAFTA rules on labor mobility. The presenter will discuss the impact of U.S. domestic law on illegal immigration as well as the impact of illegal immigration on U.S. law, followed by recommendations for reforms to improve the North American law and policy with respect to Mexican migration.

Event Information
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8e Colloque nord-américain sur l'enseignement supérieure du CONAHEC - Calgary 2002
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Join leaders and practitioners of higher education, business, government and students in Calgary, Canada for the VIII North American Higher Education Conference. Conference participants will work together to shape the collaborative agenda in North American higher education. We will review the outcomes of past efforts since "Wingspread", the first trinational education gathering in 1992. We will then develop strategies to meet the challenges we must overcome in the next decade.