Business Schools Need to Collaborate and Innovate

In the decade since, a lot has changed in terms of the economic, political and technological context. However, organisations around the world have yet to adapt to the ensuing change of pace, according to Mercer’s 2017 Global Talent Trends Study

The study revealed that the vast majority (93%) of organisations worldwide are planning to redesign their structure in the next two years; yet only 4% of surveyed business executives say their organisation is ‘change agile’ – an indicator of an organisation’s ability to efficiently and effectively adapt to change.

The study, which gathered insights from over 7,000 professionals from 37 countries and 20 industry sectors, notes that “(a)s the competition for talent continues to rise and business models are disrupted by technology and socio-demographic shifts, organisations are still taking an evolutionary approach to their talent strategies in the face of revolutionary changes”.

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