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Wednesday, Jan. 06, 2021

The past decade has seen tremendous technological innovations, which have disrupted practically every industry there is. 

Blockchain is disrupting traditional finance, 3D printing is changing the way we build and create, and artificial intelligence is cropping up practically everywhere — and is increasingly working its way into our everyday lives. 

Wednesday, Jan. 06, 2021

A lot of factors play into the answer, and it depends on each person's health, what they do for a living and where they live.

States will handle immunization campaigns differently, experts say. Some campaigns may be smoother than others, but if there is one piece of advice to keep in mind, it's this: Keep taking measures to protect yourself and your family until you're inoculated.

That means continuing to wear masks, socially distance, avoid large gatherings and regularly wash your hands. 

Tuesday, Jan. 05, 2021

Over the past month, COVID-19’s death toll in the United States has regularly risen by roughly 2,000 or 3,000 a day. With numbers so large, the pain and heartbreak behind each individual death often doesn’t register.

Perhaps people would be less numb to the death toll if it were scaled down to a more human level. A change in time frame might help: Consider, for instance, that during the month of December, an average of about 1.7 people in the U.S. died from COVID-19 every minute.

Tuesday, Jan. 05, 2021

The University of Illinois has completed a critical step toward obtaining federal approval for its saliva-based COVID-19 test, but some lawmakers worry it’s taking too long to help other state colleges, school districts and companies struggling to operate amid the pandemic.

Tuesday, Jan. 05, 2021

The intensifying spread of the coronavirus pandemic is forcing several universities and colleges to push back the start of their spring semesters. With Covid-19 cases and deaths reaching record levels almost every day, university leaders are hoping that postponing their on-campus openings may buy them sufficient time for the anticipated post-holiday surge of the virus to subside and for members of campus communities to begin to receive vaccinations.

Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2020

As we look towards a spring semester that will be comprised of largely online classes, how will the sector contend with ongoing “Zoom fatigue?”

Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2020

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Economic relief and a vaccine drew nearer to reality on Wednesday to counter a coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the U.S. economy and killed 286,487 people, with year-end holiday gatherings expected to fuel another surge in infections.

The U.S. House of Representatives was set to vote on Wednesday on a one-week stopgap funding bill that will buy more time to reach a deal on COVID-19 relief, with a separate aid packages of more than $900 billion on the table.

Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2020

When news outlets projected Joe Biden would win Arizona’s 11 electoral votes in the 2020 Presidential election, people were quick to thank Cindy McCain, the widow of the late U.S. Sen. John McCain, who endorsed the former Vice President.

Friday, Nov. 20, 2020

A Biden administration can be expected to put U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada relations back into a strategic framework for solving problems and strengthening long-term cooperation. This would include pursuing a more consistent approach to Mexico and Canada, less driven by individual issues and tradeoffs and more concerned with achieving progress across a range of key issues, stretching from trade to public security to economic competitiveness to the environment.

Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

Washington, November 9, 2020 – On Saturday, Joe Biden was elected president of the United States and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, vice president. The following is a statement by Esther D. Brimmer, DPhil, Executive Director and CEO of NAFSA: Association of International Educators: