Creating a Model for International and Local Collaboration: The Experiences of the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade in Tucson and the Universidad Mayor in Chile

Elizabeth Pocock, Rodrigo Novoa & Michael Mandig
Year of Publication: 

The National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade (NatLaw) is a Tucson based non-profit education and research institution affiliated with the University of Arizona College of Law. Through its collaboration with the University of Arizona and its alumni, NatLaw addresses various global challenges and works to promote best practices in both law reform and capacity building projects all over the world. The relationships formed by NatLaw with past students and other partners of the U of A have provided the building blocks for many cooperative and impactful projects, not just in the area of law. In the last few years, NatLaw has partnered with the Universidad de Mayor in Chile to create a sister center in Santiago. This sister center is now starting to become involved with one of NatLaw’s most successful recent projects training both judges and lawyers throughout Latin America. Join NatLaw’s development team and the Universidad de Mayor, along with other individuals involved in these collaborations including one of NatLaw’s Board members and training instructors, to learn more about the projects made possible by these relationships.