Dual Degree from Theory to Practice: The Successful Model of a Partnership Between Two National Associations and Select Universities Designed to Create a Sustainable Dual Degree Program that Has Been in Operation 10 years on 100 Campuses in the USA and C

Jackson, Arlene
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The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE) have co-sponsored the Sino-American 1+2+1 Dual Degree Program since 2001. This program grants bachelor's degrees from a participating AASCU member college or university and a CCIEE member Chinese institution. The scope of 1+2+1 Program has been growing steadily since the beginning. The number of the 1+2+1 Program participating universities reached 100 by June 2009 (82 Chinese and 18 American universities). Over 1200 students have participated in the program with 97% visa success raKacsonJte in 2009 and 100 percent return rate through out the entire program. With the 1+2+1 Program as the exchange platform, other academic and faculty exchanges become very active between the partner universities. 41 Chinese visiting scholars have been accepted by 10 AASCU partner universities in 2009. 100 Chinese scholars are expecting to arrive at 18 participating AASCU member institutions in 2010. Meantime, more than 100 American students have participated in the Summer Study in China program hosted by Chinese partner universities. Every year, Chinese participating university presidents visit AASCU partner universities and their students. The presenters will discuss the benefits of two national associations organizing the dual degree program with the member institutions. The discussion will highlight the following aspects: general management procedures and guidelines, policies of student management, recruitment incentives, faculty exchanges and coordination between US and Chinese universities with the sponsoring organizations.

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13e Colloque nord-américain sur l'enseignement supérieure du CONAHEC - Houston 2010
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Join leaders and practitioners of higher education, business, government and students at Rice University in the city of Houston, Texas for CONAHEC’s 13th North American Higher Education Conference!North Americans share many historical, cultural, and linguistic bonds and have many common issues to face. Since the signing of NAFTA, our region has become the largest trading block in the world, inextricably linked by growing economic ties. Leaders in North America recognize that regional and individual community prosperity depends largely on the global competencies of our future professionals -- today's students.A decade and a half into NAFTA, it is evident that our region must develop stronger, more productive and more resilient linkages both internally and with other world regions. Governmental and educational leaders acknowledge that higher education institutions in North America must be more proactive in offering students opportunities to gain international expertise by becoming more internationally oriented while simultaneously strengthening local connections in their teaching, research and public service functions. Higher education has an important role to play in strengthening North America and connecting it with the rest of the world.