Education at a Glance: Country Profile for Canada

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
Year of Publication: 

This document, Country Profile for Canada, is intended to provide an overview of the data reported for Canada in Education at a Glance, OECD Indicators 2005 (EAG 2005).Readers are invited to explore the full document in more depth, if they wish.The text in italic type in this country profile is extracted directly from EAG 2005 and has page (p.) and paragraph (para.) references to the longer document. Please note that the EAG 2005 text has not been edited for this country profile. The comments in regular type relate to Canada, but are derived from the tables and charts in EAG 2005.The section entitled Background Information at the end of this document is drawn directly from the Introduction in EAG 2005 and is included here for the reader's convenience.