El voluntariado comunitario universitario una alternativa de educación sustentable

Marquez Rodriguez, Ana Maria del Carmen & Jose Daniel Ruiz Sepulveda
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It is a case study of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico that through participatory action research provides a learning process of the participants in the research for change. It is a permanent interaction to share with the group selected for a given time the joint development of solidarity action perspectives. Goals are for all participants and decision making are joint. The action is reality through social practice, its purpose is to get through a personal growth workshop specific social and practical knowledge with this leads to a whole community analysis for the development of intervention strategies common to the group. It sets the spiral created by Lewin with three steps: the sieve of information, discussion and development of guidelines for social action and social action. The results were preparing managers of university social change in the community and four sustainable education projects in the lines of improving the environment, sustainable education for children road safety culture in primary school, academics sustainable culture and improvement of areas snuff free.

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CONAHEC 15th North American Higher Education Conference - "Towards a Sustainable Future: The Role of International Education"
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Join leaders and practitioners of higher education, business, government and students in one of Canada’s greenest cities for CONAHEC’s 15th North American Higher Education Conference! "Towards a Sustainable Future: The Role of International Education" will take place from May 1-3, 2013 on campus at our host institution MacEwan University with additional events at the University of Alberta, our co-host for this exciting event. This meeting will focus on how higher education institutions can better pool their strengths and resources and improve our international collaboration in order to empower our societies to become more actively engaged in preparing the citizens that a sustainable and more equitable future will require.Please visit the website for more information.