Internationalization: Trends in English Language Teaching and Training

Suzanne Panferov & Linda Chu
Year of Publication: 

The methods and systems we use to learn and teach the English language are constantly changing. The idea of the classroom has expanded to include a myriad of ways to deliver content. The traditional student has also changed. There is an ever-growing demand for courses to be taught in English. To stay current we cannot ignore using new technology. We need to explore ways to think outside of the box when it comes to language education. The presenters will discuss current and future trends in the field of English language training and teaching. Included are issues concerning student and teacher mobility, non-traditional methods of delivering courses, English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and program administration. The demand for internationalizing our campuses has led to a need for improvement in English language skills and teaching methodologies of content-area teachers. The discussion will touch on delivery of teacher training using online courses and hybrid courses using a face-to-face and online combination. The presenters will discuss trends in requests for ESP material, and the process for turning requests into concrete and deliverable courses.