Internationalizing Business Curricula: An Outcomes-Focused Approach

Olswang, Steven & Scott Venezia
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Recent trends in higher education highlight the need to include internationalization into educational programs, especially business programs, without agreement on the best method to do so. City University of Seattle has adopted an outcomes-focused approach to infusing international content into both program and course level outcomes where appropriate and useful. The programs enhanced by this process currently serves hundreds of students worldwide including Mexican students who seek dual degrees supported through mobility options. With campuses or partnerships in 11 countries, City University of Seattle offers a truly international experience to all undergraduate students while ensuring common outcomes regardless of location or mode of delivery. This education is significantly enhanced through efforts to ensure that internationalization is part of every CityU course. CityU’s process for infusing internationalization into business programs is presented and described along with key lessons learned through four years of experience.

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CONAHEC's 14th North American Higher Education Conference - Puebla 2011
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International Higher Education Collaboration: Empowering Societies in an Era of Transformation.