Measuring Up - The National Report Card on Higher Education (US)

National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education
National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education
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Measuring Up 2004, consists of the national report card for higher education and fifty state report cards. Its purpose is to provide the public and policymakers with information to assess and improve postsecondary education in each state. Measuring Up 2004 is the third in a series of biennial report cards.

This web site provides state leaders, policy makers, researchers and others with access to the national report card as well as access to all fifty state report cards. In addition, the site can compare any state with the best-performing states in each performance category, compare indicator scores and state grades for any performance category, obtain source and technical information for indicators and weights, and download the reports. Further, the Measuring Up web site has the capacity to view previous report cards from 2000 and 2002.