Mexican Student’s Mobility and Quality Assurance

Maria Eugenia Bolanos
Year of Publication: 

Student mobility has become part of the efforts of universities in Mexico to embrace internationalization. Every semester students from Mexican private institutions travel to different countries in pursuit of international experience. Recently, the results of an instrument were published giving us an indication of the trends in Mexican student mobility. An interesting aspect of the results is that most students who participate in mobility experiences come from private institutions, which generates several questions regarding the capacity of private universities to provide extra services to students, especially in light of the fact that they do not receive public or federal funding. Institutional accreditation has been done in private universities exclusively by FIMPES since 1992. To date, 114 Mexican universities are working on their accreditation processes. FIMPES’ accreditation system includes the revision of the capacity and the effectiveness of private institutions according to the mission statement of each. Mobility programs are part of the internationalization efforts of FIMPES’ accredited institutions and are assessed. During this presentation we will talk about student mobility data in FIMPES universities and its relationship with quality assurance.