Pathways to International Collaboration (US and Mexico)

Waters, Carol & Maria Eugenia Calderon-Porter
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Various experts suggest that a major focus for Mexico should be on encouraging participation in local governance through enhancing civil society. A recent PEW Foundation study attributed the reduction in immigration from Mexico to the United States to improving economic opportunities for Mexican citizens within their own nation. In this regard, the Binational Center at Texas A&M International University (Laredo, TX) has enacted successful strategies to support the growth and development of civil society in Mexico through fostering interaction between US and Mexican government officials, NGOs, and Universities to develop better and stronger collaborations between our two nations involving community education as well as curricular and co-curricular programs. This session presents the process through which the Binational Center serves as a positive force in facilitating development of Mexican civil society and shares suggestions for those who have aims similar to ours.

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14e Colloque nord-américain sur l'enseignement supérieure du CONAHEC - Puebla 2011
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International Higher Education Collaboration: Empowering Societies in an Era of Transformation.