Preparing Distance Education or On-line Instructors - Steps to Follow in Higher Education Institutions (Spanish)

Ávalos Lira, Eduardo
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In times of change, capacity to use new technological tools and concepts are required of future professionals, but this requires that academic and administrative higher education personnel also be adequately prepared for their proper use. This has led to the need to develop training programs on innovative instructional distance education platforms oriented towards academics and administrators of institutions, which, in turn, has led to the rise of a specialist known as a “trainer of trainers” at a distance and/or online. This presentation will describe the challenges associated with the preparation of academics in the adequate use of information and communications technologies, the role of the trainer of trainers and the opportunities that this offers for international collaboration.

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CONAHEC's 14th North American Higher Education Conference - Puebla 2011
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International Higher Education Collaboration: Empowering Societies in an Era of Transformation.