Privatization and Higher Education Policy in the United States and Puerto Rico: Private Gain, Entrepreneurship and the Public Good

Aponte, Eduardo
Universidad de Puerto Rico
Year of Publication: 

Private higher education is the fastest growing sector of post secondary education in the United States and Puerto Rico. Neoliberal economic postindustrial policy for restructuring the economy and the emerging 'knowledge society' has increased the demand for intellectual capital for the highly competitive global economy and for increasing private investment in the higher education system. The first part of this policy analysis paper, traces the development of the new context of higher education. The second, analyses the outcomes of privatization trends of higher education in terms of societal development (public good) and requirements of the productive sector (private gain). And the third, reviews some higher education policy measures in Puerto Rico addressed to "harmonize" growth of the private sector (private gain) with societal development (public good).