Students with Previous Learning Experience in the US Enrolled in Schools in Sonora: An Academic Resource

Yamilet Martinez & Toni Griego-Jones
Year of Publication: 

A qualitative research study will be presented which identifies characteristics in the development of language (Spanish and English), social development and academic capital of students with prior educational experience in the US and who are now attending schools in Sonora.  Students and their parents, who for a period of time lived in the US, provide their testimonies and, together with their teachers, analyze the educational implications of this return migration from the perspective of transnationalism. The goal is to increase the visibility of these students, who continue to acquire a greater presence in Sonoran classrooms, by ascribing value to their social and academic capital and formulating pertinent educational proposals with their needs in mind. The particularities of the Sonora-Arizona region are recognized for their geographic, economic and social peculiarities which permit the generation of an enriched focus of transnational networks on strengthening the identities and education of transnational children.