The Summer Research Program at the Graduate College of the University of Arizona.

Alvarez, Nadia
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For over a decade, the Graduate College of the University of Arizona (UA) has offered its Summer Research Program as an academic and scientific opportunity, which supports the personal and professional development of undergraduate students. Initially, the program was only directed at groups of particular ethnic and socio-economic origin in the United States. Beginning in 2007, the Graduate College began to admit students from Mexico in support of the international agreement established between UA and the Universidad de Guanajuato (UG). Starting in 2008, the Graduate College has decided to structure the Summer Research Program as a viable alternative for Mexican universities and students. The objectives of the program are to increase student mobility, generate new knowledge through international exchange, strengthen the standards of quality within higher education, increase knowledge of a second language, support the development of future graduate students, and promote linkages between universities and students in North America.

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CONAHEC's 12th North American Higher Education Conference - Monterrey 2008
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Join leaders and practitioners of higher education, business, government and students in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico for CONAHEC’s 12th North American Higher Education Conference! North Americans share many historical, cultural, and linguistic bonds and many common issues to face. With the signing of NAFTA in 1994, our region has become inextricably linked by growing economic ties. Leaders in North America recognize that regional and individual community prosperity depends largely on the global competencies of our future professionals -- today's students. Governmental and educational leaders acknowledge that higher education institutions in North America must be more proactive and offer students opportunities to gain international expertise by becoming more internationally oriented while strengthening local connections in their teaching, research and public service functions.More than a decade after NAFTA was launched, it is increasingly evident that our region cannot isolate itself, but must rather develop stronger and more productive linkages both internally and with other world regions. Higher education has an important role to play in connecting North America with the rest of the world. Together, we will revitalize the North American higher education collaborative agenda for the new political, economic and educational context in which we live today.