Sustainability of Chinese Academic Migration: A Leadership Experience for Incoming Chinese International Business Students

Gabriela Valdez
Year of Publication: 

The number of Chinese international undergraduate students in the U.S. has increased in the last few years, especially in the field of business. This session will be an overview of the Eller Global Business Leader (EGBL) program, a successful program for incoming Chinese international undergraduate business students. The main goal of EGBL is to create opportunities for students to acquire communication and business skills needed to be successful in an undergraduate program in business in the U.S and to internationalize the college learning environment. The program meets its objectives by incorporating different cultural activities, case competitions and numerous professional development workshops. Similarly, this program helps to internationalize the college by promoting Chinese cultural activities and collaborating with different groups of American students. EGBL had a high retention rate during its first year compared to similar programs and the students had significantly higher GPAs than international business students who did not participate.