ULSA Noroeste's “Centro de Desarrollo Comunitario La Salle”

Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez Kipper
Year of Publication: 

At CDC La Salle, ULSA’s students and other institution’s volunteers share their talents and their knowledge to promote self-growth, an improved quality of life and a more involved society seeking common good in the Yaqui Community of Cocorit. We support this community by offering a variety of programs developed to promote men and women’s right to have a job and to provide for their families while creating wellbeing for the entire community. Programs: -Tutoring adults for them to complete primary and middle school with official validation. -Organizing workshops in a wide range of activities: sports, arts and crafts, sewing, hairstyling, cooking, music, English and computers . -“Hope Mission” where ULSA’s students and teachers volunteer in their area of expertise, such as: - Professional counseling (financial, legal or psycho educative) - A development project in architecture, by getting families involved in building their own sustainable adobe houses - A nutrition center promoting healthy eating habits - A legal campaign to correct irregularities in birth certificates. -“Yaqui Mission” promotes year round evangelizing activities for underprivileged children and their families. -Library and computer lab services.