UPAEP Graduate Studies, Higher Education International Collaboration Strategic Model

Elizabeth Vazquez Quitl & Martha Alejandra Cabañas Villa
Year of Publication: 

Today collaboration has become a core element in the creation of successful research, development, innovation and outreach relationships between universities and their surroundings.  Evidence of this is the Posgrados UPAEP (UPAEP Graduate Programs) model, which, distinguished by academic excellence and fashioned over time, has converted itself into a successful example of good practices in international higher education collaboration. UPAEP Graduate Programs has a clear understanding that education is not limited by a local or regional environment, but instead exceeds physical limitations, breaking boundaries and bringing different actors in the educational process ever closer.  Professors and students have found ample potential for the development of dual UPAEP Graduate Programs with universities like Oklahoma State University, Purdue University, The University of Tennessee, IEMI - Institute Européen du Management International, Universidad de Málaga and Universitat Rovira i Virgili, among others.  An international experience is possible thanks to exchange agreements, faculty led programs and international research visits that Posgrados UPAEP have created and disseminated on a large scale at an accelerated pace with a growing number of collaborators at a global level.