CONAHEC advises and connects institutions interested in establishing or strengthening academic collaborative programs within the North American region and beyond.

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Global Grand Challenges: Channeling International Collaboration
CONAHEC 17th North American Higher Education Conference - San Luis Potosí - March 16-18, 2016

The next Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) conference takes place in San Luis Potosi, Mexico generously hosted by Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí. The theme of this meeting is the importance of international higher education collaboration to addressing global grand challenges. Visit our conference website at

CONAHEC's Staff & Faculty Mobility Programs

CONAHEC's Faculty Mobility Program is designed for faculty / academic staff to teach and/or conduct research for a semester or academic year at a CONAHEC member institution in Mexico, United States, Canada, or at one of our Affiliate members outside North America, the program provides an opportunity for personal enrichment and professional development.

CONAHEC's Professional Experiences for Students

CONAHEC’s Service Learning Exchange Option (SLEO) is an opportunity for students to acquire international experience and awareness through experiential learning involving hands on projects within a local community partnership. Examples include a community service program in a rural community, an internship in a local newspaper, or participation on a multidisciplinary team conducting health education clinics in marginalized neighborhoods. 

CONAHEC's Mobility Incubator Program

CONAHEC's Mobility Incubator Program is a new initiative which seeks to deepen interinstitutional relationships between our members and their international partners to through increased high-quality area specific interaction.  The Incubator's goal is to produce opportunities for jointly administered projects, research, service learning and internships which have a mobility component for students, faculty, and/or administrators.

CONAHEC's Student Exchange Program

CONAHEC's Student Exchange Program is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students, including students at the doctoral level. The program covers all academic disciplines as well as options for students interested in academic coursework and on-the-job training and/or experiential education abroad.

The Student Organization of North America (SONA), a politically independent student-led organization, held its 11th Conference alongside CONAHEC's 16th North American Higher Education Conference in October 2014. If you are interested in becoming part of SONA and getting involved in organizing its next student conference in San Luis Potosí in March 2016, please contact Gabriela Valdez at

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The Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) celebrated its 20th anniversary culminating with CONAHEC's 16th North American Higher Education Conference in Tucson, AZ. This important event was in Tucson, Arizona at the JW Marriott StarrPass Hotel and Resort and was hosted by The University of Arizona from October 8-10, 2014. 

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