Internationally engaged higher education stakeholders are invited to submit proposals to offer presentations addressing issues of importance to international higher education collaboration.

Some possible themes include:

      • Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) and other Virtual International Partnership models
      • International program models and best practices
      • International student mobility trends and opportunities
      • Structuring international research partnerships
      • International internships and service learning
      • Intensive language and bridge programs
      • Deepening international academic mobility through thematic clusters and strategic international engagement
      • Administering internationalization: strategies and successful practices

Presentation Format:

Ideally complementary subjects should be presented from the perspective of representatives of more than one country/cultural context at each session. If you have colleagues with whom you can submit a joint proposal, we encourage you to do so (please verify their interest and availability to attend and present before submitting your proposal).

Preference will be given to coordinated group presentations involving representatives from multiple institutions and countries. 

You are also welcome to propose a topic alone, but in the spirit of international collaboration, you are likely to be placed into a session along with co-presenters from other countries. Concurrent session duration is one hour and fifteen minutes. Given that each session most frequently contains 3-4 co-presenters coordinated by a moderator, each presenter should plan to equitably share the time with other co-presenters (regardless of format). We suggest planning to leave at least 15 minutes available for audience interaction. 

Please do not identify people who will not attend the conference as “co-presenters” in the presentation proposal form. Those who do not attend the conference will not be mentioned in the conference program, unless they are referred to in the “Description” section of the presentation proposal submission form.

To minimize expense levels for all conference participants, regretfully, presenters will not receive any compensation or registration discounts beyond being offered the early-bird pricing until the end of the regular registration period. A registration code will be provided to those whose presentations have been accepted. If you have not received or have misplaced your code, please email us at Travel, lodging and conference registration fees and all other expenses will be the presenter’s sole responsibility.

Please keep a back-up of your original proposal in a separate word processing document and send it via email to so that we can be sure that all presentations are properly received and reviewed. To submit a proposal, complete the form linked to below.