About CONAHEC's 22nd
North American Higher Education Conference

CONAHEC 2024 Conference: Connect, Collaborate and Transform: Revitalizing the North American Higher Education Network - October 23-25 2024

North America’s higher education institutions stand at the forefront of academic frontiers. Renowned for fostering a collaborative ecosystem that has generated among the world’s most sophisticated workforces and groundbreaking research innovations. These achievements are the cornerstones of technological and social progress, driving us towards a society that values freedom of thought and collective prosperity. Engagement among North American higher education institutions is an imperative strategy for any higher education institution planning to place itself at the frontiers of knowledge production and to elevate its international profile.

These remarkable academic accomplishments are the outcome of the tireless efforts of preceding visionaries who believed in transcending borders through education. Despite facing opposition, indifference, and the steep slopes of challenge, it is the unwavering commitment of international education advocates that has carved the paths we now follow for collaboration. Please accept this heartfelt invitation to join other trailblazers and champions of international education to continue to see beyond the horizon. International collaboration is transformative—not just for our students and academic communities but for our collective societies.

This year, we set our sights on rejuvenating and fortifying our international higher education network, gearing up for a new era of enriched collaboration. This is an unparalleled opportunity to delve into innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and forge lasting partnerships. We call upon active agents of internationalization to rally their teams, to connect, learn, and lay the groundwork for projects that will redefine the academic landscape. This is a great opportunity for early career internationalists to form a network that can support their ambitions for decades to come. The journey of internationalizing higher education is realized by our collective strength amplified by diversity, unity of purpose and shared visions.

CONAHEC’s conference will convene thought leaders in higher education internationalization, and storied and new practitioners in the field. If you have active partnerships with North American institutions or are interested in exploring and establishing some, this conference is for you. Attendees will strengthen their professional networks, find partners and friends for international projects and have an unforgettable time. Do not miss this chance to be part of a movement that re-imagines the future of international higher education.

Stand with us at the nexus of innovation, collaboration, and transformative change. Join us to affirm and strengthen the invaluable role of international higher education collaboration. Together, we can create a legacy of progress and excellence that transcends borders and reshapes the world. We look forward to sharing some time with you!