Fall 2017 Faculty Cohort

Crossing Borders Two Professors at a Time

The Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) is pleased to share with you the work and activities of the Fall 2017 cohort of participating faculty in our Short-Term Faculty Exchange Program!

Meet the Professors


William C. Quinn (left), Human Formation, ITESO - Ron Sky (right), Engineering Technology & Environamental Studies, Georgian College

The participating professors are working collaboratively to provide community lectures at their respective institutions, open to students and faculty. William C. Quinn will talk about the social construction of environmental problems, with specific examples from the state of Jalisco. Ron Sky will hold a community lecture on Electrical Vehicles and Vehicle Charging Infrastructures. Together, they have designed a virtual student activity in which students from both contries will produce videos discussing their chosen professions and how they impact the environment as well as advancements taking place towards sustainability in their professions. Students will provide feeedback by creating a report on the perspectives and information they learned from the students in the other country.


Angelica Bahl (left), Marketing, Metropolitan State University of Denver - Julia Dolores Santoyo Rodriguez (right), Productivity & Technological Development, Universidad de Guadalajara

Professors Bahl and Santoyo are working together to facilitate student collaboration through a virutal discussion in which both Mexican and U.S. students will create reports on "Differences in Business Culture: U.S. and Mexico". Moderated by the collaborating professors, they will exchange reports and share their perspectives on the topic. In addition, professor Angelica Bahl will be visitng the Productivity & Technological Development department as professor Julia Dolores Santoyo Rodriguez visits the Marketing and Management departments. During her visit, Dr. Bahl will provide lectures to Julia Santoyo's students in the "International Business and Cultural Differences" class. Similarly, Julia Santoyo will provide lectures to Dr. Bahl's students in the "International Marketing" class.


Carmen Leticia Jimenez Reynoso (left), Economics, Universidad de Guadalajara - Kishore G. Kulkarni (right), Economics, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Through this program, both professors collaborate to partially co-teach a class in the area of Economics and Finance. Professor Kishore G. Kulkarni will be offering a lecture open to the community on the Analysis of Economic Policy in the Obama and Trump Administrations. Professor Carmen Leticia Jimenez Reynoso will be visiting the department of Economics during their collaboration. As a collective, the professors have created a workshop where the students can collaborate in building a supply and demand curve from a real case in the classroom. The purpose of this activity is to give students the opportunity to expose their conclusions in a language foreign to that of the country of origin, in hopes of strengthening the cultural exchange.


Ivonne Lujano-Vilchis (left), Faculty of Behavioral Sciences, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico - Mark Viner (right), Curriculum & Instruction, Eastern New Mexico University

Both professors are working together to expose their students to different perspectives on education sites and scientific journals. Professor Ivonne Lujano-Vilchis will be visiting the College of Education as well as other academic departments interested in open access related topics. Professor Mark Viner will visit the department of Education Foundations Curriculum and Instructions. They will conduct virtual collaborative activities for their students via Skype sessions in which they will be evaluating the quality of sites and online journals with the purpose of concluding what the quality characterisitics of valid sources of information in the internet are.


Luis Carlos Davis (left), Office of Instruction & Assessment, University of Arizona, School of Film & Theatre, Scottsdale Community College - Misael Josue Marin Sanchez (right), Film Studies, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico

Collaborating in the field of film, professors Davis and Marin will expose their students to different approaches. Professors, Luis Carlos Davis and Misael Josue Marin Sanchez, will hold lectures for students to learn how to become active participants when they see any form of media and learn ways to be more analytical when reading films, tv, and any form of media content. Similarly, they will learn how to produce a short film with the assistance of an instructor. They will also be holding Skype call sessions and a Facebook page where their students will have the opportunity to give each other feedback on various film projects.

Congratulations professors for strengthening North American academic collaboration!