Short-term Faculty Exchange Program

Fall 2018 Call for Proposals

Call for proposals deadline: March 2, 2018

The purpose of this program is to match faculty members from CONAHEC member institutions who will collaborate in the partial design and teaching of a course. Each professor will be expected to travel to the partner institution for a week during the Fall 2018 semester. In that week the professor will teach a class, meet with other faculty members in order to discuss future potential projects, give an open lecture to the community, etc. Professors are also expected to organize a virtual activity to give their students the opportunity to collaborate. Sending institutions are expected to cover the cost of the flight for their own professor and accommodations and meals for visiting professors, so, an institutional support form is required. 
Expected Results:
Expose students to international faculty members, promote international curricula, promote joint teaching programs, integrate activities with students from universities in different countries, open doors to possibilities for future collaborations.

How it works:

  • CONAHEC member institutions interested will be responsible for reaching out to different faculties and schools within their own institution to identify faculty members interested in participating. 

  • Once identified, interested faculty members should send a proposal to CONAHEC using the form below by March 2, 2018.

  • Joint proposals from universities who wish to collaborate are also welcome.

  • CONAHEC will identify similar project proposals and will then notify the respective institutions by the end of April, 2018. 

  • The group of collaborating faculty members will design the syllabus and activities to be implemented during the one-week visits. A preliminary plan will be sent to CONAHEC by July, 27, 2018

  • Selected faculty members will participate in the short-term faculty exchange between August and December, 2018. ​​

What is expected from participants?

Selected participants are expected to complete the following tasks as part of their participation in this program:

Before Visit:

  • A potential match is introduced to faculty member. Both participants are expected to establish communication to have an initial conversation.
  • After match is confirmed, faculty members are expected to establish communication to brainstorm and agree on the different activities planned for the one-week visit. A planning activity document should be sent to CONAHEC prior to the semester start.
  • Participants are responsible for the arrangement of their own flight and will coordinate with host institution about housing and meals during the one-week visit.

During Visit (each professor is expected to participate in a one-week visit):

  • Visiting professor will teach or co-teach his/her colleague’s classes.
  • Visiting professor will offer a lecture on his/her expertise open to the community.
  • Visiting professor will meet with various academic departments to discuss potential future projects.
  • Professors are highly encouraged to participate in a community outreach activity.
  • An online/virtual activity will be organized by the professors to give students from both institutions the opportunity to interact. This activity could take place anytime during the semester.

After Visit:

  • Professors are expected to share the evaluation survey with their own students.
  • Each professor will complete a final report by the end of the semester. This report will be sent to CONAHEC. 

Please fill out the form below to send your proposal. Remember that only complete proposals that include a signed institutional support letter will be considered.