Past CONAHEC Conferences & Events

CONAHEC's higher education conferences enable leaders and practitioners in higher education to meet periodically to address specific issues of relevance in international education and help connect institutions in the region and with partners in other parts of the world.

Past CONAHEC Mobility Incubator Missions include:


Past North American Center for Collaborative Development (NACCD) conferences include: 

            "Connecting Indigenous Peoples in North America: Crafting a Community of Shared Knowledge"


Past North American Higher Education conferences include:

            "Purposeful Internationalization"

           "Global Grand Challenges: Channeling International Collaboration"

           "The Next 20:  Pathways, Partners, Paradigms"

           "Towards a Sustainable Future: The Role of International Education"

           "International Higher Education Collaboration: Empowering Societies in an Era of Transformation"

           "Innovation in International Education Collaboration: Creating Opportunities in Challenging Times"

           "Higher Education Collaboration: Local Responses in a Global Context"

           "Rethinking North America: Higher Education, Regional Identities and Global Challenges"

           "Beyond Boundaries: Building Bridges of Collaboration in Higher Education"

           "Discovering North American Potential: Higher Education Charts a New Course"

  • 8th Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (2002)

          "Higher Education Collaboration in North America: The Next Decade"

  • 7th Conference - San Diego, California, USA/ Tijuana, Baja California, México (2001)
  • 6th Conference - Veracruz, Veracruz, México (1999)
  • 5th Conference - Guanajuato, Guanajuato, México (1998)
  • 4th Conference - Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada (1997)
  • 3rd Conference - San Francisco, California, USA (1996)
  • 2nd Conference - Tucson, Arizona, USA (1995)
  • 1st Conference - Ensenada, Baja California, México (1994)