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CONAHEC Conference Time!

I'm excited to announce that the 19th North American Higher Education Conference “Strategic Higher Education Internationalization in North America:  Successful Practices & Lessons Learned” of the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) and the concurrent 3rd meeting of CONAHEC’s North American Center for Collaborative Development on the theme of “Climate Resilience & Clean Energy” will take place in Las Cruces, New Mexico next week.  I'm confident that this meeting will be valuable for participants and hope they'll become ongoing participants in the No

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The US-Mexico Shared Mobility Challenge

In the context of higher education mobility in North America, there is an excellent climate at the highest levels of government to foster increased academic mobility and to seek new approaches to make this happen.  The ambitious plan of the US government’s 100 K in the Americas Program is to have 100,000 US student studying in Latin American countries and 100,000 Latin American students studying in the United States by the year 2020.  Currently approximately 40,000 US student study abroad in the Americas and 60,000 Latin American Students study in the US every year.  The Mexican government has outlined what some might consider an even more ambitious plan to have 100,000 Mexican students studying in the US and 50,000 US students studying in Mexico by the year 2018.  The intent is definitely within government to foster increased mobility.  In order to make this happen however, dramatic change is what is needed.