Deadline Looms for Transboundary U.S.-Mexico Water Management: Experts weigh in on the potential for conflict and cooperation

With the October 24th deadline looming and Mexico significantly behind in its commitments to release water to the Rio Grande, tensions are on the rise between the U.S. and Mexican governments. Farmers and political leaders in South Texas, which depends heavily on the water, have called on Mexico to immediately rectify the situation. The Texas governor and U.S. head of the International Boundaries and Water Commission have followed suit. In Mexico, attempts to release more water from the Boquilla dam in Chihuahua were met by protests, including an occupation of the dam by local farmers and the blockage of a railroad.

We asked experts in binational water management and U.S.-Mexico relations a series of questions about the current water conflict and other important issues in transboundary water management.

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