Remarks at the Council of the Americas' 46th Annual Washington Conference of the Americas/ U.S.-Caribbean-Central American Energy Summit Reception

SECRETARY KERRY: Muchas gracias. Thank you very, very much. Mr. presidents, distinguished prime ministers, ministers of everything – (laughter) – minister de todos, whatever you – but you’re masters at many, many things here – and distinguished ambassadors, distinguished guests all, we are very, very grateful to you for being here. And I can actually feel an energy in here. I’m – you’re here to talk about energy, but I can feel the energy. (Laughter.) And I am enormously appreciative of my privilege of being here and being introduced by John Negroponte. And it is scary when you have reached that age where people introduce you and they said “known him for decades.” (Laughter.) Scares – reminds me the President the other night at the White House Correspondents Dinner said – he was joking about how Hillary wondered whether or not he’d be awake for that 3 a.m. phone call and able to make it, right? He said, “Hell, I’m awake now because I’ve got to go to the bathroom.” (Laughter.) So I’m not going down that journey any further. That’s enough.