Students Protest But Don't Interrupt George Will Speech

George Will gave one of the commencement speeches at Michigan State University on Saturday -- despite protests from students and some politicians that he was a poor choice for speaker because of comments he has made about those who have reported being raped on campuses.  In a column he wrote that efforts to combat sexual assault on campus "make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges" and he referred to the "supposed campus epidemic of rape." The Lansing State Journal reported that Will did not address the controversy in his talk, and that the protests were visible but in no way cut off Will's ability to speak. Students held protests outside the commencement event, while some of those inside turned their back on Will or read newspapers when he spoke. Michigan State officials have defended the invitation to Will, saying that it does not constitute an endorsement of his views, but that withdrawing the invitation would endanger principles of free expression.