Globalization of Legal Education

Sergio Puig, Cristina Castañeda, Jaime Olaiz-Gonzalez, & Paola Cravioto
Year of Publication: 

Arizona Law has become a leader in global legal education. Our growing Global Programs take Arizona Law to other law schools around the globe and also bring extraordinary new knowledge and perspectives back into our classrooms. For example, our JD program for Non-U.S. lawyers brings more than 25% of the incoming JD class. No other U.S. law school comes close to such global diversity in its JD class. Our Global Law Partnership Program provides non-U.S. students with the opportunity to earn their undergraduate law degree from their home country and a JD from Arizona Law in two years less than it would take to earn both degrees separately. We have entered into 12 such dual degree partnerships in the last 3 years, with 7 more in various stages of negotiation. Connecting global legal education with technology, Arizona Law is also working to expand online degree opportunities for international law students. Join us to learn more about Arizona Law’s global legal education and hear from our Global Law Partners and students.