New Strategies for Traditional Practices: Internationalization at Home by Using Technology

Nadia Mireles & Maria Guadalupe Ureña
Year of Publication: 

This presentation briefly discusses the University of Guadalajara's new internationalization model and the implementation of policies aimed at internationalization at home, a concept that assumes that internationalization must go beyond physical mobility. The internationalization model implemented since 2013 at the University of Guadalajara has five strategies that impact the entire institution. These allow setting priorities and decision criteria, and guide the efforts of operational programs. The strategies are implemented and operate through programs that can be adapted or generated by each University Center of the University of Guadalajara Network, according to their characteristics and needs. The strategies help strengthen and build the culture and commitment to internationalization, as well as the process of integrating international, intercultural, global and comparative dimensions in the substantive functions of the institution. The five strategies are: Management, Culture, Mobility, Languages, and Internationalization at Home.