Sāpo Nistohtamowin: Understanding Our Cultures from the Roots Up, a Partnership Programming at the University of Saskatchewan Aboriginal Students Centre and the International Student and Study Abroad Centre

Davida Bentham & Janelle Pewapsconias
Year of Publication: 

The Aboriginal Students’ Centre (ASC) and International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC) partnered in September of 2013 to provide programming for the whole campus community, with a focus on international and Aboriginal relations and cultural understanding. The mission of this programming is to provide a space and place to learn about Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures (cultural intelligence), dispel myths, ask questions, promote commonalities and respectfully understand our differences (appreciative inquiry) through an anti-oppressive lens working towards equity and social justice. This partnership has provided a student lead opportunity to actively engage and create space for cross-cultural understanding and appreciation to flourish.