Towards Internationalization: A Perspective from the South

Juan Luis Mérega
Year of Publication: 

Internationalization policies are the response of universities to a world which is increasingly global and knowledge-driven. But the concept of internationalization includes multiple interpretations and questions. Should we consider education as a human right or education as a commodity? Should we make a choice between international cooperation and international competence? What is more important, international mobility or internationalization at home? These questions should be answered by universities from developing countries, as they face a challenge when they decide to interact with universities from all over the world. It is necessary to make institutional decisions in order to define appropriate policies which would allow a broad coverage of access to an education of quality and to international programs. The main goal should be to educate citizens and professionals who are able to interact in a global world, but who are also useful in the development of their countries. Internationalization is a key instrument to this achievement.